Michael's Music .

Michael Boothman is a the personification of excellence in the arts in Trinidad and Tobago. Pioneering, innovative and consistently successful as a performer, composer, arranger and recording artist, Boothman continues his 50-plus year career that showcases a number of firsts and milestones in the development of modern music in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Journey.

In the early 1960’s, as rock and roll music became the favoured genre of youth worldwide, its influence was reflected in Trinidad in the birth of the combo bands. Starting as a pre-teen, Boothman figured as a leader of his own combo band, Rockerfellas, during its heyday then wowing young audiences and ultimately recording popular singles.

From teen band leader to innovator, Boothman began utilising and fusing the many rhythms in these islands to create a new genre, Kysofusion that signalled the possibilities in our music

In the 1970s, as a working studio musician, he is acknowledged for his contribution to the evolution of Soca music and its inherent rhythms. With a string of hits on the local charts, international major label executives searched him to be ultimately the first artist, songwriter and producer from these islands to be signed to a major label with the resulting landmark album, Heaven on the Tabu label showcasing Caribbean music to the wider world.

Touring with blues legend Taj Mahal and performing at most of the major regional and international Jazz Festivals through out the world, has brought Michael Boothman back home to inspire, to entertain and to continue to create music that makes us dance and sing. Today, he owns and runs Poui Tree Studios, and performs at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Port of Spain.